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DC Auxiliary power system에 대하여 검토 및 견적 요청의 건
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Dear Mr. Kim, 

Greetings you from Turkey.

We need   DC Auxiliary power system” for that one of my firms that I have counseling it.

About this information  is in the attached file.

          220V Battery Bank and 40A Chargers

-          48V Battery Bank and 35A Chargers

-          RFP Pages with necessary information

I am waiting for your quote on  product, the technical details and overall termination plan of the product as you see in attachment file with the specification of this product.

I look forward to hear from you.


Dear Mr Kim,

- elevtricity specifications in Affghnistan? Afghanistan

- electric phase ? Hz ? Voltage ? in there  220 kv transformer station

Sincerely yours,

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